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Mitt Romney, Mark Foley and Congressman Mike Rogers

From the look of it, Mark Foley is returning to the fold with his attendance at Romney’s luncheon early this month. Former Congressman Mark Foley stepped down in 2006 from his position in Washington D.C., amid a scandal of illicit e-mails to Congressional male House pages. Foley made his début back into politics at a March 8, 2010 luncheon at the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches. The luncheon was one of Romney’s stops on his book tour. Foley’s appearance at Romney’s luncheon was noted on an earlier blog piece titled: “Romney "Totally Indecisive", a link is located on the side bar to piece. Curiosity on Foley choosing Romney’s luncheon, lead to some interesting finds.

[Congressman Mike Rogers wearing the black suit with a blue shirt and gold tie, Foley wearing the gray suit, lavender shirt and tie.]

The first was a clip of an interview on the Larry King Show showing Foley walking near the “shadows of White House” with none other than Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers, a buddy of Romney’s. Whooooa! Hold on there! Who else is shown in the clip? Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett both senators from Utah --- that is interesting.

--- Larry King Interview ---- “A Classic Case of Hypocrisy”

[Senator Orin Hatch, Senator Bob Bennett of Utah and Foley are located on the video at the 1:35- 1:36 mark]
[Congressman Mike Rogers from Michigan and Mark Foley are located at the 3:29 -3:59 mark (Mark Foley, Mike Rogers, the chubby man tagging after Rogers is Mike’s aid.]

Rogers is a ranking Republican on the subcommittee overseeing Terrorism/Human Intelligence, Analysis and Counterintelligence. Mike appears to have made a stir in his area in Michigan, as clips of Rogers following the suit tails of Foley, flashed nationally in news reports. Rogers was quick to distance himself from the breaking Foley scandal.

Rogers said he knows Foley from their service as deputy whips, but didn't socialize with him and had no inkling of the hidden scandal. (emphasis added)”.

Never socialized?

October 2, 2002 5:30-7:00 pm Join Candidate Katherine Harris (FL-13) for a Reception with Congressman Henry Hyde (IL-6), Congressman Mark Foley (FL-16), Congressman Richard Burr (NC-5) and Congressman Mike Rogers (MI-8) The Home of Congressman Mark Foley (FL-16) - 137 D Street, SE $1,000 per PAC; $500 per Individual Keelen Communications (703) 548-0092 or e-mail (emphasis added)

Guess it depends what “socialized” means.

Romney and Rogers go back a ways, both have shared campaign staff workers in Michigan, Jason McBride is one staffer. Jason worked for the 2000 Mike Rogers for Congress campaign, and later on the campaign of Mitt Romney for President, as the State Director for Michigan.

Congressman Rogers comes from a prominent Livingston County, Michigan family. His father held the position of Brighton Twp., Supervisor, and Rogers’s mother was over the Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce. Mike’s brother Bill sits in Lansing on the Michigan State Legislature, and another brother is Army Col. Jim Rogers. The Rogers family are said to rule the county they live in by area people. It has been said, “Nothing happens without their approval”. The Rogers families are strong supporters of Mitt Romney and Romney holds strong support in the Livingston County GOP.

Rogers’s wife was overheard having a conversation while at a Brighton coffee shop, during Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign, regarding how Mitt Romney planned to overcome questions on polygamy. Mitt’s answer would be simple “he has only one wife”. Congressman Mike Rogers and his wife divorced in 2007 , after Rogers’s re-election to congress. Rogers give what he called a "joint statement" of their pending divorce, without the presents of Mrs. Rogers. Jim Marcinkowski, CIA friend of Valerie Plame Wilson, ran against Rogers for the position in Congress, losing out to Rogers.

Rogers surprise divorce raised a few questions from county people:

“Mike's wife took her two kids and left the state during the week, and he (Mike Rogers) came home to an empty house.” “Mike should offer a better explanation of the circumstances, and why his wife 'fled' in secret.”

Another wrote:

“With further shedding of light saying “and his campaign Treasurer, Valerie Tillstrom lives with Lee Albright? So he's divorced and his treasurer is shacked up with a petition consultant. So much for "Family values".”

There seems to be no end to hypocrisy as the You Tube below relates:

Amazing Hypocrisy: “Mark Foley rants on Internet Predators”

Foley stepped down, an investigation into complaints regarding Foley never happened, although a complaint was given to the FBI in Washington D.C. The FBI in Washington stated they never received the names of the male House pages on Capital Hill involved in the scandal.

Is this type of hypocritical behavior on “Family Values” normal for this crew? Yes, it is normal.

Rogers Fact Sheet:

Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan, ranking Republican on the subcommittee overseeing Terrorism/Human Intelligence, Analysis and Counterintelligence, regularly visits Afghanistan, where his brother, an Army general, has also served.

Rogers, a former FBI agent, played a key role in the development of the USA Patriot Act because of his knowledge of wiretapping laws. ---- Rogers while in the FBI agent was on the white-collar crime/public corruption squad. Rather hypercritical isn’t it Rogers, considering your county and all.

“Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican from Brighton and a former FBI special agent, said his trust in the bureau has been violated by problems at the agency. Rogers said he is "outraged about a lot of the platitudes about taking responsibility." ---- talk about ‘trust’ Rogers! Talk about "responsibility", Rogers! Rogers has a strange sense of right and wrong, the right is always going in his direction, no matter how wrong he and his cronies are.

Mike Rogers’s brother, Col. Jim Rogers, served in Iraq as a member of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division. He has served in Turkey, Florida, and 2008 at Rock Island commands the JMC and elsewhere.

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