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If You Don’t Support Mitt’s Views You Get Fired- or Worst

Early one morning, as the Repeal and Replace Movement, moved from the birthing room into the media limelight, one of the first names I heard on the news was Mike Rogers from Michigan. Mike was making a statement supporting the movement. “No shock”, I thought. “Romney’s puppy is out nipping at ankles.”

A Livingston County Republican ‘who knows’ Mike, has posted on the blog, Mike did not endorse any candidate during the primaries in 2008. However, members of his close knit and influential county family did support Romney. Rogers appears to possess life-long political ambitions and seemed to be playing politics, not wanting to get on the bad side of any Republican presidential hopefuls and waited to toss his hat into the ring, until after the primary dust settled.

While in Dallas on Mar 19, 2010 Mitt Romney laid out his plan to repeal the health-care bill, later citing the 10th amendment as the bases. Mitt Romney, who is the grandfather of the health-care bill, now attempts to become the darling of the conservative republicans with his repeal-and-replace plan. Mitt always creates his own drama, by being the catalyst of an issue and then rushes in to be the ‘savior,’ from the issues he assisted in creating.

David Frum wasn’t buying what he was hearing --

Frum questioned Republicans lack of in-put into the health-care bill Obama signed into law. In David Frum’s March 21 article, he outlined several points why the health-care bill might becomes republicans ‘Waterloo’. The second point, I suggest, became the reason for Frum’s own Waterloo when he wrote:

“So what? Legislative majorities come and go. This healthcare bill is forever. A win in November is very poor compensation for this debacle now”

Frum’s second point, from appearance is expanded into his March 23 article, on the “fantasy” of the repeal- and replace- movement. Frum writes:

“Mitt Romney and Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, have both come under intense attack from the party’s activist base. Bennett faces a very serious primary challenge; Romney has run away from his own handiwork. Who wants to share their fate?”

“So the question should be pressed as Republicans speak of “replacement”: who is in charge of the process of drafting this replacement? What’s the deadline for completion? My guess is that there won’t be answers to those questions, that “replacement” will remain a more or less empty slogan through the 2010 elections”

David Frum’s words must have been a slap in the face to Romney. The movement which is to be Romney’s salvation was torpedoed by one of the Republican’s most prominent writers.

On March 26th, David Frum, during lunch with AEI President Arthur Brooks, was terminated. The generous money donators’ to AEI had decided to put their money elsewhere and not in Frum direction.

Less than two weeks from Mitt announced plan of repeal and replace, Frum was out the door of AEI.

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Meanwhile back in Livingston County,Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers’s stomping ground; one Livingston County GOPer is quoted regarding David Frum:

“Man, that guy is a serious downer.” “I can totally see now why he's fired all the time.”

Does it seem unfair to point a finger in Mitt’s direction for Frum’s dismissal? Not really, others have run into steep head winds when going against an agenda of Mitts, or put Romney’ actions into question. To disagree with Romney had serious consequences -- even for people who appear to have a ‘liberal’ view.

Steve Hindi in the video below disagreed with Romney over a ‘rodeo’. O.K. it is a rodeo, many people may never have been to a rodeo, some may like them, and some may not. It is a rodeo, but it was serious business to Romney.

Guess who showed up in jackets with “Olympics" blazed across the back, while Steve Hindi was being accused of being a terrorist. You read that right, accused of being a TERRORIST! --- PLUS allegations of bomb threats! incite riots? We’re talking serious terrorist here, Romney doesn’t’ take someone disagreeing with him lightly!!

Obviously, there was influence used in the harassment of Steve Hindi. FBI agents bailing and leaving the New Mexico police looking like fools. Undue pressures and influence can come from within the agency by Mormon administrators favorable to members of their own faith, as in the case of Hispanic FBI agents which filed a law suit against the agency.

“Three hundred-eleven His¬panic FBI agents won a class action suit against the agency on September 30. A central argument in the suit was that their careers were stymied by the religious bias against non-Mormons of ranking FBI officials who are Mormon (LDS).

“Charges of a “Mormon Mafia” in the FBI’s Los Angeles office have been circulating for years, The FBI, admitting the dis¬crimination practices and pledging to end them with the recent appointment of a new director, had no plans to appeal the ruling.”

“Just after the case was filed, Richard T. Bretzing, 49, head of the Los Angeles divi¬sion of the FBI since 1982, retired to become the Manag¬ing Director of the LDS Church’s security department, according to the LDS Church News. Bretzing retired after 27 years’ service (three years short of the 30-year government retirement plan).”

Does anymore need to be said?

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